BAGSVIG came into being about a quarter of a century ago with a modest office and a small factory shed in Ernakulam, Cochin as manufacturers of Quality Heat Treatment Equipment. Starting with a few workers and simple equipment, the unit grew in size and technical competence in a few years. With the help of highly accomplished technical personnel and as a result of sustained research and development, BAGSVIG could acquire a wide range of clientele from the Public, Private and Government Sectors.

Within a decade the Cochin Factory grew into one of the most modern units of its kind , with sales offices in many major cities.

Exports are being made to various countries against orders from leading parties.

As part of diversification BAGSVIG has now developed several other lines such as Biscuit and Bread Baking Plants, Seasoning Kilns, Chemical Treatment Plants, Metal Surface Treatment Plants, Gelatine Driers, Decarb Annealing and Blueing, Chamber Furnaces, Sealed Quench Furnaces and Gas Carburising Furnace either as equipment or as total turnkey projects. BAGSVIG is now poised for further growth in the years ahead.

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Automobile Industry TELCO
Premier Automobiles
Mahindra Tractors
Scooters India Ltd
Bajaj Tempo Ltd.
Tempering, Hardening, Carburising, Case Hardening, Annealing, Stress Relieving
Transmission Industry Elecon Engg Ltd
Excel Transmissions
David Brown Greaves
Pack Carburising, Hardening, Tempering
Steel Industry TISCO
Mukand Iron & Steel
Bokaro Steel Ltd
Salem Steel Ltd
Zenith Steels
Hardening, Tempering, Annealing, Stress Relieving etc.
Special Alloy Industry Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd
Controlled cooling after annealing
Foundry FIIRO,Nigeria
Scooter India Ltd
Ordinance Factories
Hindustan Zinc Ltd
Melting of Ferrous & Non-ferrous metals, Aluminium & Zinc melting etc.
Vitreous Enamelling Industry Bharat Enamels
Bhaskar Enamels
Anuradha Enamels
Lakshmi Enamels
Kavery Enamels
Regal Slates
Vijay Enamels
Vitreous Enamelling of Slates, Sign Boards, Dials, Hot Plate Cases, Oven Bodies etc.
Patenting Industry Pearlite Wire Products Ltd Patenting and Galvanising.
Needle Industry Needle Industries (I) Ltd Needle Hardening and Tempering
Atomic Energy BARC, Bombay
Nuclear Fuel Complex
Reactor Research Centre
Baking Uranium Oxide,Zirconium Sponges, Zirconium Oxide, Evaporating Annealing, Hardening
Electrode Industry Advani Oerlikon
D & H Electrodes
Special Electrodes
Madura Welding Flux Works
Apar Pvt. Ltd.
Ahura Welding Electrodes
Baking and Drying Electrodes and Flux.
Electronic Industry KELTRON
Capacitor Drying, Sintering, Drying.
Mica Industry Lakshmanan Isola Calcining Mica Powder
Pharmaceuticals Industry Sandoz India
Glaxo Lab
Kerala State Drug &
Ampoule Annealing, Drying, Baking and Sterlizing
Transformer Industry TELK
Hind Rectifiers
Baking Distribution Transformer Coils.
Defence Establishments Ordinance Factory
at Kanpur, Pune, Ambajhari,
Khamaria, Jabalpur, Murdnagar
Hyderabad, Avadi,
Cossipore, Chandigarh
Drying, Hardening, Tempering, Annealing and HSS Hardening.
Paint Baking Advani Oerlikon Ltd.
Crompton Greaves
IBM World Trade Corpn.
Datta Tin Works
Paint Baking and Drying
Catalyst Drying United Catalysts India Ltd. Drying of Special Catalysts.
Manmade Fibre Industry CAFI
Century Rayon
National Rayons
JK Synthetics
Shriram Fibres
Burning of Nylon Polymer, Drying etc.
Bread and Biscuits Dalmia Biscuits
JB Mangharam
Bakemans Home Products
Kidsons Modern Bakery
Milkmade Corpn.
Roopam Biscuits
Reita Biscuits
LVT Products
Ruby Products
Golden Biscuits
Continuous Biscuit and Bread Baking.
Stress Relieving Giovanola Binny
Cochin Refineries
Vijay Tanks and Vessels
Indian Aluminium Co.Ltd.
Bridge & Roof Co.India Ltd.
Site Stress Relieving of Absorbers, Pressure Vessels, Penstock Pipes etc.
Crumb Rubber Drying Hevea Crumb Rubber Co.Ltd. Continuous drying of Crumb Rubber
Gelatine Industry Shaw Wallace Gelatine Ltd.
Sterling Tea & Industries Ltd..
Rallis India Ltd.
Gelatine Drying
PFY / POY Industries Indo Rama Synthetics India Ltd.
Raymonds Synthetics Ltd.
Ceat Ltd.
JK Synthetics Ltd.
Pack Preheating

Complete Heat Treatment Plant to M/s.Machine Tool Manufacturing Co. of the Phillippines Inc., Manila. The plant consists of Chamber type Furnaces, Tempering Furnaces, Quenching Tanks, Salt Bath Furnaces, Tanks etc.

Recently exported Pack Preheaters to Leading Synthetics Australia, Incinerators toThai Peroxide Thailand , Chamber Furnaces to Galadara Engineering Works Dubai , an Electrically heated Treatment Plant and Oil Fired Foundry Equipments consisting of Oil Fired Rotary Melting Furnaces Crucible Tilting Furnaces etc. to Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Nigeria and many other exports to Countries like Sri Lanka, Kenya, Saudi Arabia etc.

Rallis India Ltd Steam Heated Continous Dryer 230 kgs/hr capacity Gelatine Drying
Dupont South Asia Ltd Humidity Controlled Walk - in - oven 4000L* 2500W*3300 Ht
Rating 18 Kw, Max Temp 65 deg C
Heat treatment of Bristles.
Castrol India Ltd Drum Heating Oven
Heating medium - Thermic Fluid
13500L * 1500 D 2500H Temp. 200 deg C, 72 drums capacity Drum Heating
BTR Wadco Automotives Ltd. Continous Conveyer Post Curing Oven 6 mtrs L, Rating 54 KW, Temp 300 deg C Post Curing of wind shield gaskets
Advani Oerlikon Ltd Electrode Drying/ Baking Oven 3200 D * 1750 W * 1750H
Rating 140KW, Temp 500 deg C
Drying/Baking Electrodes
Bhillai Steel Plant Drying Oven 4500 W * 4000H * 9000D
Rating 150 KW, Temp 150 deg C
Armature Core Drying
Lakshmanan Isola Plant Rotary Kiln 1000dia * 5400 L
Rating 180KW, Temp 800deg C.
Calcination of Mica Laminations
KRYFS Laminations Ltd Continous Annealing Furnace Rating 96 KW, Temp 900 deg C Annealing of CRGO Laminations
METCO Rotary Furnace 700 dia * 1400 L, Rating 87 KW, Temp 1000 deg C, 500 Kgs capacity Calcining Lime Stone
Pt Indo Rama Synthetics Pack Preheating Ovens Rating 66KW, Max Temp 400 deg C, Batch Load - 188 Kgs Preheating of packs
Telco Stress Releiving Oven 700D * 700W * 700H
Rating 12KW, Temp 320 deg C
Batch Load - 200 kgs
Stress Releiving
Audco India Ltd Bogie Hearth Furnace 1750 D * 1600W * 1300H
Rating 140KW, Temp 1200 deg C
Heat Treatment of valves

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